Elk Grove Covid-19 Resources
We have gathered Elk Grove specific resources and links so you can stay up to date on Covid-19 resources and information.

Elk Grove Specific Covid-19 Resources

Information and resources relating to the Covid-19 virus are rapidly evolving. Leaders at all levels of government are working around the clock to stop the spread of the virus, provide testing, and connect victims of the virus to the appropriate healthcare. The purpose of this page is to help Elk Grove residents access Elk Grove specific resources – in addition to key state and federal resources.

How Can We Help?
First and foremost, the Governor has issued an Executive Order for all Californian’s to Stay in Place, with only a few exceptions. Thankfully, there are still things we can do to support our Elk Grove community.
Support Elk Grove Restaurants
There are a number of Elk Grove restaurants still serving food to go. If you can, please support these restaurants through this difficult time.
Deliver Food to Elk Grove Seniors
Laguna Sunrise Rotary is coordinating the delivery of food to Elk Grove seniors who cannot go out. More volunteers are needed.
Give a Meal To Someone Else
Demand at the Elk Grove Food Bank is increasing each day and they have less than 15 days of food available. Your donation will help another Elk Grove family eat.
Prepare Your Family
Here is what you can do to prepare your family in case COVID-19 spreads in your community.
The Elk Grove Food Bank has been designated an essential service and they need more volunteers than ever. Always serving Elk Grove, sign up to volunteer or donate food.
Sign Up for Updates
Receive important updates and calls to action about how you can help.
Live Twitter Updates
Access the latest updates from Elk Grove USD, Sacramento County Public Health and California Public Health right from here.
Elk Grove USD

The May 19, 2020 Virtual Board Meeting is now available for viewing:

Elk Grove Unified recognizes the dedicated classified employees & educators. While we celebrated this year's winners virtually, the amount of appreciation to their commitment to supporting our students' education was not lost. Thank you!

https://t.co/1LJROXD7IG https://t.co/yC2rCHtXqH
ElkGroveUnified photo
Sacramento County Public Health

Yes! SacCounty Restaurant Inspections/Investigations Continue Amid COVID-19. Environmental Health Inspectors are calling 200-300 food facilities a day to assess food safety practices & operations & if in doubt will do unannounced in-person inspections. https://t.co/YweuPl9TXL https://t.co/KwQGgKK0fV SacPublicHealth photo
California Public Health

California COVID-19, By The Numbers:

🔷 Positive cases: 92,710
🔹 Confirmed hospitalizations: 2,980
🔹 Confirmed ICU hospitalizations: 1,071
🔹 Deaths: 3,774

More information ➡️ https://t.co/TLLUGwPGY7

#YourActionsSaveLives https://t.co/nq37ygpbe1
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Pasa este fin de semana de Memorial Day cerca de tu casa. Ya sea que decidas encender la parrilla o disfrutar al aire libre con los miembros de tu hogar, quédate en tu área y reduce la propagación. #TusAccionesSalvanVidas https://t.co/eeoywjM3nT CAPublicHealth photo

California COVID-19, By The Numbers:

🔷 Positive cases: 90,631
🔹 Confirmed hospitalizations: 3,024
🔹 Confirmed ICU hospitalizations: 1,079
🔹 Deaths: 3,708

More information ➡️ https://t.co/TLLUGwPGY7

#YourActionsSaveLives https://t.co/EjepMzrZyT
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